Master Diver is the ultimate family swimming pool game. We developed this game after playing for years in Cabo on our annual family summer vacation. Two years ago, after watching our kids stay entertained for six hours playing a game we made up called Elimination we decided to improve on it and offer to all you swimming pool gamers.


Master Diver is a treasure hunt themed game which offers four different fun games to play: Diver Survival (formerly Elimination) and three new games - Treasure Hunt, Search & Salvage, and Deep-Sea Plunge.

Utilizing the forty doubloon coins and instructions, you and your kids can play all four games, create new games and have a wonderful family experience at home or on vacation. 

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Thank you for purchasing our Master Diver family game. The rules for our four fun games are listed below, are available online at and in the QR code on your Master Diver container. Your Master Diver game set includes forty doubloons (ten of four different doubloons),one set of rules and the doubloon container. Note: Some doubloons will sink and some may float. 


Master Diver Games Rules:

Base rules for all Master Diver games: 
• Select a Dive Master- The Dive Master oversees the game
• The Dive Master defines the Dive Area (ex. from the left edge of pool, across the width and to the pool steps) Define the dive area based on the pool you are playing in.
• Dive Master instructs all Divers into the pool (players must be in the pool to play, no playing from pool deck) and to close their eyes and plug their ears before tossing Doubloons into the Dive Area.
• Divers must return Doubloons to Dive Master to be counted
• No taking Doubloons from other Divers
• No touching or holding down any Diver that would cause the held Diver to be at risk of swallowing water, feeling fear or anxiety. Any infraction of this rule the offending Diver is eliminated from the Dive Search or longer per Dive Master/parent instructions.
• Don’t dive in shallow water * NO running on the pool deck * DO NOT put Doubloons in your mouth. 
Diver Survival –Dive Master tosses one less Doubloon than the number of divers into the Dive Area. (Ex. 5 divers playing, Dive Master tosses 4 Doubloons for that Dive.) Divers then swim to find a Doubloon and return it to the Dive Master. The Diver that does not find a Doubloon is eliminated. Divers continue until there is a sole survivor. The sole survivor becomes the Dive Master for the next game,
unless you have a dedicated Dive Master – such as a parent. Variations of Diver Survival: 
Spoiler Divers– If at any time the Dive Master feels the divers are taking too long to find the remaining Doubloon/s they can allow eliminated players back in the game to find the remaining Doubloon/s. If a Spoiler Diver finds a Doubloon they are back in the game. If more than one Spoiler Diver got back into the game, the other Spoiler Divers return to the Dive Master and the remaining players and the winning Spoiler Diver continue the game until there is a sole survivor. The sole survivor becomes the Dive Master for the next game. 

Max Dive Area - At any time, the Dive Master may increase the Dive Area. This is a good idea if there are more than 6 divers playing.

The Dive Master must define the new dive area before Doubloons are tossed into the pool. Be sure all Divers understand the increased Dive Area before starting the Dive Search. 
Treasure Hunt - The Dive Master defines how many Doubloons are in play for the Search. Divers dive to find all the Doubloons; the Diver who returns to the Dive Master with the most Doubloons is the winner and becomes the Dive Master for the next game. 
Search & Salvage –The Dive Master defines the salvage goal for each diver. The diver who returns first with the correct salvage goal is the winner. Ex. Each diver must return two of each of the different doubloons. Be creative with the goal, it will vary depending on the number of divers. 
Deep Sea Plunge –Dive Master designates which doubloons each diver (2 to 4 divers) will be searching for. The Dive Master throws all forty doubloons into the search area. The diver returning with all ten of their specified doubloons first is the winner. (The goal can be any number of doubloons) 

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